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Contact Us:
410.706.0322 (ph)
MSTF Rm.166 (Atrium)
Monday - Friday
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Frequently Asked Questions


    • BIORESCO: BIOmedical REsearch Supply COre
    • Mission: To conserve time, money, space and effort for the University of Maryland, Baltimore and its researchers, by providing a unique expediting service and maintaining a central supply core facility which thrives upon its ability to innovate and re-create itself in accordance with the requirements of the University.
    • The program is funded through the discounts offered by the participating vendors. We are self-supporting and operate at no cost to the University.
    • Pay no shipping/handling charges. (Average cost  $30-40).
    • Receive Discounts from list prices (2-40%). All our vendors offer the lowest prices for Catalog-listed molecular and cell biology products on this campus.
    • Access over 50 vendors - Over 5000 onsite items.
    • Access over 10 million products. Purchase listed and un-listed products from all our vendors.
    • Receive free campus-wide delivery, as permitted by COVID policies.
    • Purchase with a minimum amount of paperwork and inconvenience. Consolidate your purchasing.
    • Keep unnecessary Styrofoam and packing materials out of the environment. We offer clean cardboard boxes, packing materials, Styrofoam shippers and freezer packs for free every morning
    • All our vendors offer the lowest prices for Catalog-listed products on this campus. You receive a 2-40% discount from the list price. Occasionally companies change prices without prior notice - in which case our prices will change accordingly. You'll still pay less than what you would pay if you ordered directly.
    • Although all our products are discounted from list price, be sure to ask us about bulk product discount purchases or use the QUOTE Request form on our website.
    • Best Price Promise: If you find a product from the same manufacturer at a better price compared to the BIORESCO Price, let us know, and we will try to match that price. Contact us as soon as you place your order. Please forward any Quotes or Promotional Flyers that support the lower price.
    • Products are termed "non-catalog" if they have not met our discount structure and, subsequently, are not listed on our website. Non-catalog items, may, in fact, be discounted from list price, just not enough to qualify for the website. As always, BIORESCO does not charge shipping, so be sure to factor this into your math when shopping for the best deal.
    • Please note, '3rd party' products ordered through a distributor, such as Fisher and VWR are sometimes more expensive than ordering directly from the manufacturer. Please call/email us if you have specific questions.
    • Yes, but please note that you may pay list price and also pay shipping and handling charges.

    Account Stuff

    • You'll need a valid Project ID or a Departmental SOAPF to open an account. Fax or Email completed Account Activation Form
    • The PI on the grant will be the account owner
    • Login for the account is tied to the grant number
    • Each purchase is visible in QUANTUM
    • Please have the Account Owner (Principal Investigator) send an email to with a request for the USERNAME & PASSWORD
    • You may do this in the USER SELECTION Screen, which is the second screen during the login process. Once you add yourself as the USER and select your name while placing orders, you'll get all emails pertaining to that order.
    • As per our records the SOAPF/Project, tied to your account has either expired or not been updated in Quantum. Please email

    Ordering Instructions

    • We coordinate with all our Vendors to keep our online catalog contents updated. In the case of punch-out, you can access everything currently on the vendorsā?? website. However, given that product lines are constantly changing, sometimes new products may not come up on our website. If you are sure it is a good catalog number, please place the order using our Special Order Form
    • We place orders throughout the workday. This is dependent upon ordering volume and the respective company deadlines. Our cut-off for the day is normally between 2-3pm.
    • If you have made an ordering MISTAKE, please call us immediately. Otherwise you are liable for the mistaken products and any fees associated with their return.
    • We try to process all orders received before 2pm the same day and deliver it to your lab the next day. However, sometimes the products are on backorder from the vendor, in which case, you may not receive your order the next day. If you have "mission-critical" experiments, please check with the respective vendor before placing an order. BIORESCO is NOT responsible for back-orders, shipping delays and/or discontinued products
    • Our primary obligation is to the researchers and staff of UMB. However, we try not to take advantage of our vendors, hence we do not order from all vendors every night. We will do our best to meet your time constraints, provided you inform us at the time of your request. *Please note the ETA (estimated time of arrival) column when making your choices.
    • We receive shipments from FedEx, FedEx Ground, UPS and other Custom Couriers through out the day. They are unpacked and readied for delivery once or twice a day. If you need something right away, please call us to confirm that your shipment came in and then come on by to pick it up.
    • If you placed an order for an item that is in stock at BIORESCO STOCK-description in bold), you can come by and pick it up anytime. Please bring a copy of your order form with you when you collect your order. Please call to confirm availability.
    • Open: Your order has not been forwarded to the vendor
    • In Progress: Your order has been processed with the Vendor and could be in transit from the vendor to us
    • ARRIVED: Item has arrived at BIORESCO
    • BIORESCO saves time and money for the whole University research community in many ways
    • You can avail of the regular Freezer discount and not pay S/H or get the special discount and add on the 6% service fee. Please do a cost comparison or call us for help
    • If you decide to use the Special Quote or Promotion code, please place the order using our Special Order Form ONLY
    • You MUST enter the correct Vendor Catalog Number
    • You MUST include the Promo Code or the Special Quote in the DESCRIPTION field along with a brief description of the product. Promotion cannot by applied to an order retroactively.
    • BIORESCO customers can purchase dry ice from the Program for $1/LB ($3/3LBS scoop of pellets). BIORESCO purchases dry ice from Dry Ice Corp. in Baltimore (410-644-7800). We require dry ice for our deliveries throughout the campus and we prefer to have it available for our customers. Our supply is limited, so, if you need more than 30 lbs (10 scoops) you MUST CALL us (410-706-0322) 24 hours ahead.

    Returns & Problems

    • BIORESCO is just a purchasing channel. As the end user, it is your responsibility to make sure you are researching and buying products that would work for your research. BIORESCO Staff is not qualified to make those decisions for you. Any issues regarding the usability & viability of a product, needs to be addressed directly with the vendor and their technical support departments. BIORESCO cannot enforce refunds or withold invoice payments, unless the vendor is not forthcoming in its efforts to resolve the technical issue. Please keep us copied so we can provide the vendor with the corresponding Order number and track replacements and credits.

      Vendor or BIORESCO error: There is no charge to the customer for the return.

      Customer error: Read below...
      Stock item: Please bring it back within 24 hours of the delivery date if it has been stored properly and is in pristine condition. Stock items cannot be returned and reordered to take advantage of a Special Promo. There is a 10% restocking fee for stock items. If the quantity being returned exceeds our original inventory, we'll have to arrange to send it back the vendor. In such cases re-stock fees and shipping fees will apply

      Non-Stock item: Most vendors will NOT set up returns for Temperature sensitive products or Hazardous products. If the product is returnable, please email us. We'll reach out to the vendor and arrange for a Return Authorization. Most vendors assess as much as a 30% restocking fee. BIORESCO has a 10% return processing fee. It'll be your responsibility to ship the product back by FedEx or UPS, so they can be tracked. Once the vendor receives the product and issues a credit, we'll transfer the credit to your account.


    • Although there are over 50 current participants in BIORESCO, it is our plan to increase the number and scope.
    • Customer requests have always been the driving force behind our decisions to admit companies to the program.
    • There must be a reasonable existing market share or a strong potential market share for the vendor's product/service to be on campus.
    • For more information please send an email to
    • The campus has opened back up and we are restarting the Table Top Shows and Mini-Vendor Shows.
    • It is about creating, managing and promoting your unique brand identity among customers
    • It is an opportunity to make your presence felt on campus via physical interactions with your end-users
    • It is FREE!
    • You get to set up a static display of brochures, specials, samples, flyers at the BIORESCO customer entrance, as well as hold a tabletop show on any day of that week. Most customers appreciate a morning event on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, between 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM
    • Email us a PDF announcing the show and/or send approximately 75 paper fliers which we will distribute them during our daily campus-wide deliveries
    • Please request Sales Reports ahead of time - so you can visit your Customers and follow up with them - Walk the halls
    • Depending on your flexibility, it is also a good time to run a PROMOTION to increase sales. Please email BIORESCO-specific Promotions and Announcements for posting on the website
    • Since these Vendor Weeks are booked so far ahead into the year, please do make good use of it. If, for any reason, you are not able to honor your booking, please do let us know ahead of time, so we can make substitutions
    • To book your week, check the Calendar for available slots and email your preference to
    • Extra percentage off the current discounted price for your entire catalog
    • Extra percentage off the current discounted price for a limited list of SKUs
    • Buy 2 and Get 1 Free
    • Buy 2 and Get extra discount
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