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PPE & Lab Essentials

Catalog Number POP Description Size ETA List $
FSH-04355223-CS 529 STOCK-RT (2701) Ethanol Pure 200prf 1 Gal 4/cs more... CS 1-3 $223.00
UMB-DRYICE 49767 STOCK-20 Dry Ice Pellets 3 Lbs (1 Scoop) 3LBS 0 $6.00
VWR-10027-510-CS 30 STOCK-RT (kikbleach6) Janitorial Supplies, Pure Bright- Liquid Bleach - Kikbleach6 more... CS 1-3 $94.20
VWR-89125-164-CS 141 STOCK-RT (v1101) Decon Labs, Ethanol 190prf 4x1gl Prm Req - V1101 more... CS 1-3 $178.67
VWR-89125-172-CS 1039 STOCK-RT (v1001) Decon Labs, Ethanol, Pure, 200 Proof (100%),usp, Koptec - V1001 more... CS 1-3 $179.99
VWR-89501-620-CS 1357 STOCK-RT (clo30966ct) Janitorial Supplies, Clorox- Concentrated Germicidal Bleach - Clorox- Germicidal Bleach, Regular Clo30966ct more... CS 1-3 $93.38

DRYICE: Please notify us at least 24 hours ahead of time for BULK orders over 20 LBS. We may not be able to fill last minute BULK orders, until our next shipment arrives.

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